City Hall: April 2-6 2012

April 2, 4pm.  Community Services Cte.  Agenda:
#4 – Tender for the lookout at the Forks:
#6 – Partnership with Fed’s – London requested to serve as sponsor and project manager for 24 mo. research project aimed at reducing homelessness:
#7 – Update in delivery plan for affordable housing:
#11 – Presentation on Poverty & Social Inclusion:
#12 – Proposed convert-to-rent program:
#13 – Housing supplement program changes:
#14 – Revisions to affordable housing capital reserve fund policy:

April 2, 4pm. Civic Works Cte. Agenda:
Majority of the agenda is for infrastructure, rehabilitation and repair approvals for upcoming construction season.
#13 – List of road rehabilitation projects to be tendered:
#20 – New parking fees by-law:
#24 – New sidewalks Windermere, Freemont, Melsandra Ave:
#30 – 5:00 pm. London Road Safety Strategy –
#31 – 6:15 pm. Water conservation has overshot projections. As a result, the current water and sewer rates do not provide enough funds to operate and maintain system:

April 2, 6:00 pm. Public Saftey Committee. Agenda:
#2 – Public Nuisance By-law: By-law: &

April 4, 3:30 pm. Service Review Cte. Agenda:
#4 – Results Based Accountability and the Business Planning Process:

City Hall: March 26-30 2012

March 26th, 1:00 pm. Finance & Admin. Cte. Full agenda:
#3 – Mayor’s office expenses:
#6 – 2011 Capital Budget status fourth quarter:
#7 – 2011 Operating Budget status fourth quarter:
#8 – Elected Officials Remuneration:
#11 – Normal School – 165 Elmwood Ave. Recommendation advising Province of the importance of the building and grounds and requesting time for due diligence and partnerships for potential re-use:  &
#19 – Tender proposal for cellular service for Corporation of City of London:
#21 – Tax Policy change recommendations:  &

March 26th, 4:00 pm. Planning & Environ. Cte. Full agenda:
#14 – 940 Springbank Dr. – Reservoir Hill. Alan Patton delegation requesting site plan be moved forward:
#26 – Recommendation to adopt the Downtown Heritage Master Plan:
#28 – 160 Sunningdale Rd. Approval for apartment building and subdivision:
#29 – 255 South Carriage Road & 1331 Hyde Park Road:

March 27th, 3:30 pm. Investment & Economic Prosperity Cte. Full agenda:
#3 – Staff will present a process to deal with an Investment & Economic Prosperity Plan:

City Hall: March 19- 23 2012

March 19th, 2:30 pm. Finance & Admin. Cte
#2 – Recommendation to declare a portion of the South Street Lands as surplus:
#3 – Report outlining the Mayor’s Trade Mission to China April 23 – 27th:

March 19th, 4pm. Strategic Priorities & Policy Cte.
#2 – Report examining how incentives might be used to motivate green development. Staff report:  & final report:
#3 – Status update of the Industrial Land development Strategy components and timelines:
#4 – Letter from Minister of Health, Deb Matthews advising council the Ministry will not be appointing an asessor to review the London Middlesex Health Unit. This issue was raised during budget deliberations. Letter:
#6 – Thames Valley District School Board requesting a councillor to sit on the two ARC’s (Accommodation Review Commitee). Letter:

March 20th, 3 pm. Special Planning & Environment Cte.
#2 – Report from City Solicitor regarding Methadone Clinics:

March 20th, 5 pm. COUNCIL
Recommendations of Civic Works Cte
: None of the items are controversial. Despite the sound recommendation of the rehabilitation of Meadowlily woods bridge, it may draw comments.
Recommendations of Planning & Environment Cte: A number of controversial items on the agenda.
#19 – 2118 Richmond St. at Sunningdale. Cte in a 4-2 vote turned down the staff recommendation of refusal (high density), in support of the developer. Staff recommendation: Cte recommendation to council found in link noted above.
#20 – 1103 Adelaide St. N. at Huron. Significant public opposition to the redevelopment proposal. Staff recommendation:
#22. – Amendments to Official Plan for Siting of Methadone Clinics. Staff recommendation:
Recommendations of the Community Services Cte: Number of information items including an outstanding report by Citizen’s Advisory Panel on Social Assistance Review and Economic Inequality in London:
Recommendations of Finance & Admin. Cte:  Items that will generate discussion include:
#5 – Advisory Cte Review. Members of Trees and Forest Advisory Cte and Advisory Cte on Environment are concerned with recommendation to amalgamate the Cte’s.
#19 – World Figure Skating Championship Sound and Light Show:
Recommendations of the Investment & Economic Prosperity Cte:  #3 reflects Cncllr Huberts presentation to the Cte.
Recommendations of the Public Safety Cte: Pleased to see the city taking action on #13 -public encroachment into natural areas

March 21st, 12:15 pm. Council Housing Leadership Cte.
#2 – Given the budget cuts to affordable housing, the Investment in Affordable Housing delivery plan passed by council in the fall must be revised as outlined in the report. (not posted on web).
#3 & #4 Also reflect the change in Affordable Housing strategy as a result of council’s budget cuts and change in strategy. Two reports make recommendations for proposed convert to rent and rent supplement program.

City Hall: March 5-9 2012

In My Opinion – Items to Watch at City hall this week. Public veiwing gallery 3rd floor.

Investment & Economic Prosperity Commitee Agenda: March 5, 2012, 11 am.
#2 – London Public Library Board – Internet Service Filtering Policy:

Civic Works Committee Agenda: March 5, 2012, 4 pm.
#6 – Minor Amendments to Traffic & Parking By-law:
#7 – Update on Lead Mitigation in Water Program:
#8 – Water Compliance Report 2011: &
#9 – Meadowlily Bridge Evaluation Report:

Community Services Agenda: March 5, 2012, 7 pm.
#3 – 2011 Ontario Works Caseload Update:
#4 – Ontario Works Employment Assistance Proposal:  &
#6 – 7:15 pm. Presentation by the Citizens Advisory Panel on Social Assistance Review

Public Safety Committee: March 6, 2012, 4 pm.
#12 – Licensing of Methadone Pharmacies & Clinics:
#13 – Encroachment onto City Property:
#14 – Downtown Mural Pilot Project to Prevent Graffiti: