City Hall: April 2-6 2012

April 2, 4pm.  Community Services Cte.  Agenda:
#4 – Tender for the lookout at the Forks:
#6 – Partnership with Fed’s – London requested to serve as sponsor and project manager for 24 mo. research project aimed at reducing homelessness:
#7 – Update in delivery plan for affordable housing:
#11 – Presentation on Poverty & Social Inclusion:
#12 – Proposed convert-to-rent program:
#13 – Housing supplement program changes:
#14 – Revisions to affordable housing capital reserve fund policy:

April 2, 4pm. Civic Works Cte. Agenda:
Majority of the agenda is for infrastructure, rehabilitation and repair approvals for upcoming construction season.
#13 – List of road rehabilitation projects to be tendered:
#20 – New parking fees by-law:
#24 – New sidewalks Windermere, Freemont, Melsandra Ave:
#30 – 5:00 pm. London Road Safety Strategy –
#31 – 6:15 pm. Water conservation has overshot projections. As a result, the current water and sewer rates do not provide enough funds to operate and maintain system:

April 2, 6:00 pm. Public Saftey Committee. Agenda:
#2 – Public Nuisance By-law: By-law: &

April 4, 3:30 pm. Service Review Cte. Agenda:
#4 – Results Based Accountability and the Business Planning Process:

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