City Hall: Apr. 30-May 5 2012

April 30, 4 pm. Strategic Priorities & Policy Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – Development Charges background info & process for new DC study:
# 3 – New assessment growth policy. Estabishes good financial policy for using assessment growth:
# 4 – 2013 Budget targets. There will be a lot of discussion as the Treasurer has already reduced a 5.5% tax increase down to 3.8%. Lots of good info in report if taxes interests you. London tax rate is below comparator average for all classes: residential, commercial and industrial:
#5 – Funding framework to non-profits delivering city services:
#7 – Southwest Area Plan Servicing Strategy. Outlines policy for servicing land as growth occurs:

May 1, 3:00 pm. Investment & Economic Prosperity Cte: Full agenda:
#2 – Discussion about Paul Huberts “Hire 1″ plan:
#3 – Discussion about “Timelines – Expressions of Interest – Economic Development Initiatives. No details or report provided.

May 1, 4:00 pm. Special Planning Cte. Mtg. Purpose of the mtg. is to receive a staff report on Emerald Ash Borer strategy that arose from community concerns in west London.

May 1, 5:00 pm. Council. Full agenda:
A motion to change the orders of the day will be made so that the following items will be timed. 5:30 pm. FAC recommendation on Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with European Union. 5:30 pm. Discussion about development on Reservoir Hill. 7:30 pm. Fluoride debate.
Recommendations of Community Services Cte.
Recommendations of Finance & Admin. Cte.
Recommendations of Civic Works Cte.
Recommendations of Planning & Environment Cte. &

City Hall: April 23-27 2012

April 23, 4pm. Civic Works Cte: Full agenda:
Majority of the agenda relates to approval for infrastructure life cycle repairs, roads sewers.
#3 – Discussion & debate around fluoride in drinking water:
#16 – 4:15 pm. – Tender for full reconstruction of Horton St.with good attention to urban design:
#17 – 4:30 pm. – Information report on Solid Waste update on Material Recycling Facility, landfill capacity, biogass, green bin pilot, resource recovery technology:

April 23, 7:00 pm. Community Services Committee: Full report:
Relatively light agenda. Information items include orientation of Middlesex London Health Unit and update on Goodwill Project.

April 24, 7:00 pm. Planning Committee
The special mtg. has been called to deal with the site plan application for development on Reservoir Hill – 940 Springbank Dr. The file has been to Ontario Municipal Board a number of times and subject to much media debate. Staff report:  London Free Press article:

City Hall: April 16-20 2012

April 16, 1:00 pm. Finance & Administration Cte. Full agenda:
#4 – Annual Compliance Report of Goods & services: & & &
#9 – Discussion re; Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement with European Union:
#10 – 1:10 pm Public Meeting regarding Amendments to the Council Procedural By-law:
#16 – Joe Swan letter regarding complaints to Ombudsman:
April 16, 4:00 pm. Planning & Environment Cte. Full agenda:
No controvesial items on this agenda. Of interest may be a report by the Westmount Hills Residents Association regarding emerald ash borer strategy:
April 17, 3:30 pm. Investment & Economic Prosperity Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – Hire 1 Initiative:  Cncllr Huberts presentation:
#5 – 3:40 pm delegation by Corp. Communications re: Citizen engagement & Communication of the Investment & Economic Prospertiy Plan:

City Hall: April 9-14 2012

April 10, 3 pm. Special Planning & Environment Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – Revised site plan for 160 Sunningdale Road W.
#3 – Staff report to designate 1576 Richmond St (near Sunnyside) as a heritage property.

April 10, 5pm. Council. Full agenda:
Recommendations of the Planning & Environment Cte. A number of items may generate discussion. Click on full Council agenda above and link to PEC for recommendations.
#12 e) Designation of 1576 Richmond St. N. (subject of special PEC mtg. noted above)
#20 – Recommendation to approve site plan for 580 Fanshawe Pk. Rd.
#21 – 1461 Huron St. Redevelopment of NW corner at Adelaide.
#23 – Approval of a development application for 73, 77, 81 and 91 Southdale Road East against the recommendation of staff.
#26 – Recommendation for approval of the Downtown Heritage Conservation District
#28 – 160 Sunningdale Rd. W. (subject of special PEC mtg. noted above)
Recommendations of the Community Services Cte. A number of items may generate discussion. Click on full Council agenda link noted above and link to Community Services Report for recommendations.
#4 – Tender for Forks of Thames Lookout.
#11 – Psychiatric survivors, poverty and social inclusion. Staff to provide a progress report.
#15a ii) Recommendation to re-establish the annual Affordable Housing Reserve fund contribution at $2M
Recommendations of the Finance & Admin. Cte. A number of items may generate discussion. Click on full Council agenda link noted above and link to Finance & Admin. Report for recommendations.
#3 – Breakdown of Mayor’s Office Expenses.
#7 – Operating Budget Status. Outlines how surplus will be used. Contrary to policy no $’s are being used to pay down debt.
#8 – Council annual salary increase.
#11 – Normal School. Request for longer review process.
Recommendations of Civic Works Cte. A number of items may generate discussion. Click on full Council agenda link noted above and link to Civic Works Report for recommendations.
#20 – Changes to Downtown Parking fees.
#27 – Dundas St. “Shave & Pave” and future reconstruction plans.
#31 & #32 – Fixed water and sanitary sewer rates.
Recommendations of Public Safety Cte.
#2 – Public Nuisance By-Law.