City Hall: April 23-27 2012

April 23, 4pm. Civic Works Cte: Full agenda:
Majority of the agenda relates to approval for infrastructure life cycle repairs, roads sewers.
#3 – Discussion & debate around fluoride in drinking water:
#16 – 4:15 pm. – Tender for full reconstruction of Horton St.with good attention to urban design:
#17 – 4:30 pm. – Information report on Solid Waste update on Material Recycling Facility, landfill capacity, biogass, green bin pilot, resource recovery technology:

April 23, 7:00 pm. Community Services Committee: Full report:
Relatively light agenda. Information items include orientation of Middlesex London Health Unit and update on Goodwill Project.

April 24, 7:00 pm. Planning Committee
The special mtg. has been called to deal with the site plan application for development on Reservoir Hill – 940 Springbank Dr. The file has been to Ontario Municipal Board a number of times and subject to much media debate. Staff report:  London Free Press article:

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