City Hall: May 22-25, 2012

May 22, 5:00 pm, Council. Full Agenda:
#1 – 5:05 pm. Council convenes at Strategic Priorities & Policy Cte. representing shareholders of London Hydro. Purpose is to hear London Hydro Annual Report:
Finance & Admin. Report. Recommendations are straight forward. To acess report:
Civic Works Cte Report. Recommendations are fairly straightforward. One item that may be of interest is # 21 – the recommendation for shared utility service model.
Planning & Environment Report. Recommendations straightforward. Of interest may be #5 – McCormick Area Study Economic Analysis and #7 – Urban Forest Effects Analysis.
Community Services Cte. Report. A recommendation that may generate discussion is #4 – Summit baseball logo.
Strategic Priorities & Policy Cte. Report. A number of interesting background report include: Development charges background, strategic framework for non-profits, southwest area servicing strategy and growth.
Investment & Economic Prosperity Cte. Report. The framework for establishing an economic baseline and citizen engagement in this process.
Public Safety Cte. Report. Item of interest is the nuisance by-law.

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