City Hall – Sept. 10-14 2012


Sept. 10, 4:00 pm. Civic Works Cte. Full agenda:
Items are straightforward – nothing controversial.
#2 – information item on water rate review process.
#4 – update on Highway 401 & Highbury interchange reconstruction.
#14 – Public meeting to allow bicycles on sidewalks if rider is 14 years or younger.

Sept. 10, 7:00 pm. Community Services Cte. Full agenda:
There are some very important policy reports around new housing/homelessness and child care.
#5 Policy changes to implement the Housing Services Act rules and standards.
#7 – Modernizing child care policy to reflect Provincial direction and funding.
#8 Regulation amendments for homelessness prevention and homelessness social assistance.

Sept. 11, 3:30 pm. Investment & Economic Prosperity Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – Strategy for utilizing municipal rooftops for solar PV systems.
#4 – Correspondence from National Research Council on their Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program

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