City Hall – Nov.5-9, 2012

Items to Watch at City Hall Meetings this week.

Nov. 5, 1:00 pm. Finance & Administrative Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – London’s Credit rating – Report from Moody’s supports London’s Aaa credit rating.
#5 – Request to support FCM International Carribean Local Economic Development Program.
#6 – Recommendation supporting the city join with other municipalities to seek increase in the “Heads & Beds” levy – payment that municipalities receive in lieu of property taxes for universities, colleges, hospitals and correctional facilities. No increase for 25 years.

Nov. 5, 4:00 pm. Planning & Environment Cte. Full agenda:
#13 – Official Plan land use designation change at 1351-1369 Hyde Park Rd. Staff directed to change OP by slim majority of council. Staff did not recommend the change and now Hyde Park business community speaking against change.
#15 – Compatibility Guidelines for St. George/Grosvenor area of Old North. Well thought out guiding document.
#16 – Staff refuse a zoning by-law amendment for 2371 Highbury Ave. N. always creates discussion.
#18 – Demolition of a heritage building at 591 Maitland. Staff requesting demolition be denied.
#19 – Delegation by Alan Patton wanting Planning Cte. to step in a move his clients development application along.

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