City Hall – Dec. 10-15, 2012

Dec 11, 3:00 pm. Corporate Services Cte.
Full agenda:
#2 – Not controversial, but a good introduction to Provincial requirements around Municipal Infrastructure Investments and asset management
#3 – Update on progress to resolve financial County/City concern

Dec. 11, 4:00 pm. Council. Full agenda:
Important change to start time of council – we will go in to confidential session at 4:00 pm. prior to the start of public agenda at 5 pm.
I will move a motion to change the order of the agenda so the motion to ask the Mayor to take a leave of absence until charges are dealt with by court, will be dealt with at 6:00 pm.
#1 – Motion of Which Notice is Given by Cncllr. White – requesting a report back on changes to policy and recommendatons when councillor charged or convicted with some additional elements that  need clarification
Committee recommendations to Council:
Civic Works Cte. recommendations – nothing controversial
Planning & Environment Cte. recommendations – minor questions on a couple of items #27 & #29
Community & Protective Services recommendations – nothing controversial
Finance & Admin. Cte. recommendations:
#13 – Normal School – item may be moved to a specific time to discuss recommendation
#15 – Motion for Mayor to take Leave of Absence – a request to move this item to be discussed 6:00 pm. will be requested at start of council
Strategic Priorities & Policy Cte. recommendations – nothing controversial
Investment & Economic Development Cte. recommendations – nothing controversial
Audit Cte. recommendation:
#4 – requesting Boards & Commissions undertake an internal audit of their processes – similar to what the city is doing to assist in finding operational efficiencies

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