City Hall July 29-Aug. 2, 2013

NOTE: This is the last week of meetings followed by reduced summer meeting schedule. The next Cte. meetings are scheduled for week of Aug.19.

July 29, 1:00 pm. Investment & Economic Prosperity Committee. Full agenda:
#3 – Western Fair presentation of their pending development plans
#4 – Vision & strategy for investment in London’s medical innovation & commercialization
#5 – Request for solar project on city land in industrial park

July 29, 4:00 pm. Strategic Priorities & Policy Committee. Full agenda:
#2 – Development charges policy recommendations.

July 30, 2:30 pm. Special Community & Protective Services Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – Further discussion on Neighbourhood Watch

July 30, 4:00 pm. Council. Full agenda:
Communications & Petitions: #1 London west, municipal by-election, candidate questionnaire – responses from candidates
Planning & Environment Cte. Report: #26 Land Needs Background Study
Community & Protective Services Report: #16 distracted driving recommendation.
Audit Cte. Report: #3 2012 Financial Audit.
A number of minor items of interest may generate discussion.

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