City Hall Oct. 28-Nov.1, 2013

Oct. 28, 4:00 pm. Civic Works Cte. Full agenda:
#4 – Greenway wastewater treatment plant expansion update on costs
#5 – Selling of greenhouse gas emission offsets from W12A landfill
#7 – Adelaide CP Railway grade separation – top priority
#9 – Waste diversion and garbage collection updates
#10 – Delegation of Mayor Middlesex Centre requesting Arva have access to city sanitary services to allow development

Oct. 28, 7:00 pm. Community and Protective Services Cte. Full agenda:
#7 & #8 – Ontario works participant profiles and caseload numbers. Interesting.
#11 – Request from Vito Frijia – Speyside Corp. for his company logo to be installed on the roundabout in Talbot Village

Oct. 29, 1:00 pm. Corporate Services Cte. Full agenda:
#2 – Single source debt management system

Oct. 29, 4:30 pm. Planning & Environment Cte. Full agenda:
#8 – Emerald ash borer – business plan
#10 – 4:40 pm. Delegation regarding extension of enhanced financial incentive program for Old East
#13 – 5:30 pm. Public participation meeting for Old South Heritage Conservation District

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