City Hall Nov. 11-15, 2013

Nov. 11, 4:00 pm. Civic Works. Full agenda:
#2 – By-law to allow individuals over 65 yrs. to ride bicycles on the sidewalk
#4 – Public meeting to discuss the feasibility of turning Bruce St. & ELmwood Ave. from one-way to two-way streets

Nov. 11, 7:00 pm. Community & Protective Services. Full agenda:
#6 – Exemption from noise by-law deposit for Rockin’ New Years Eve
#7 – Clarity on exclusion of e-scooters from multi-use pathways

Nov. 12, 1:00 pm. Corporate Services Cte. Full agenda:
#6 – Staff report on Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with European Union

Nov. 12, 4:00 pm. Planning & Environment Cte. Full agenda:
#12 – Western University application to rezone 401-463 Platt’s Lane from existing medium density townhouse development to multi-family, high density allowing for redevelopment of the site

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