City Hall Nov. 3-7, 2014

Nov. 3, 4:00 pm. Civic Works Cte. Full agenda:
#11 – Request to extend overnight on street parking into the fall

Nov. 3, 7:00 pm. Community & Protective Services Cte. Full agenda:

Nov. 4, 1:00 pm. Corporate Services Cte. Full agenda:
#5 – Verbal update on Lorne Ave. public school

Nov. 4, 4:00 pm. Planning & Environment Cte. Full agenda:
#12 – Request from province to demolish to heritage buildings: 2526 Oxford St. circa 1880 former Kilworth post office & 600 Sanatorium Rd. “Middleton” house – former Superintendents cottage
#13 – Demolition of 420 Fanshawe Park Road. former Geary, Rubinoff & Poole family home
#15 – Coves Master Plan



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